Coast Environmental provides a broad range of services delivered through our facilities located on Vancouver Island. Our facilities are designed and constructed with a commitment to the protection and preservation of our environment. Our compost facility is fully enclosed and uses innovative methods to minimize odours. Our soil remediation facility is fully covered to remove contaminated soil from the exposure of environmental conditions during bio-remediation processes. See below for complete details on all of our facilities.

Our compost facility is the first of its kind in North America to take the GORE in-vessel forced aerated composting system and completely enclose it on asphalt within fully sealed, fabric covered buildings. We are committed to minimizing odours emitted from our facility. All compost production, including the maturing and screening processes are performed in our fully enclosed facility, which also uses bio-filter technology to substantially reduce odours emitted from our facility. Learn More
Waste Recycling / Drop Off
We offer a variety of recycling and disposal drop-off options for both commercial and residential waste materials at our two fully licensed CVRD recycling facilities. Our goal is to divert as much material as possible away from landfills to be recycled. On average, we divert up to 80% of the material we receive from landfills to be recycled. For a complete list of materials we receive, click Learn More. Learn More
Wastewater Processing / Treatment
Our wastewater processing and treatment plant receives and treats wastewater from our own customers and from third party companies. Our facility processes and treats various types of wastewater. For a complete list of wastewater materials we receive, click Learn More. Learn More
Soil Remediation
We are proud to offer the first fully covered, self-contained, soil remediation facility in British Columbia. Our fully covered facility allows us to bio-remediate hydrocarbon impacted soils under any weather condition year round. With the unique design of our facility, minimal impact to the environment occurs during the bio-remediation process, with soil remediation times being significantly reduced. Learn More