Environmental Commitment


We are more than committed to the protection and preservation of our environment – we strive to lead our market with environmentally responsible waste management practices.

We are committed to minimizing waste material going to our local landfills by diverting material to either be manufactured into compost at our own facility, or shipped to others facilities to be recycled into alternate materials.

We process through our compost facility all solids from our own wastewater processing facility, and all food waste and yard & garden waste from the Cowichan Valley Regional District’s programs. This waste in manufactured into a premium compost material which is used in various applications where it is returned to the environment in its natural form.

We recycle approximately 80% of the industrial waste material we receive and are committed to finding methods to recycle even more. This means we are able to divert this material from our local landfills by having it recycled into alternate and reusable materials or processed into renewable energies.

We are committed to achieving a net zero carbon footprint. We strive to minimize our carbon emissions through continuous monitoring of our emission control practices, while maximizing our carbon credits with developing new methods to recycle the waste material we handle.