Coast Environmental is a locally owned company with operations across Vancouver Island. Our core businesses consist of wastewater services, portable toilet and fence rentals, industrial waste management, soil remediation and composting. We believe in making a positive contribution to the environment. Our goal is to provide sustainable waste management solutions by diverting from our local landfills all reusable waste materials that we handle for our customers.

We have more than 50 years experience and in this time we have expanded our operations across many communities on Vancouver Island, from Victoria to Campbell River. Our services have advanced at a leading pace with the industry and with the increase awareness of environmental responsibility. Learn More
Environmental Commitment
We are more than committed to the protection and preservation of our environment - we strive to lead our market with environmentally responsible waste management practices. We are committed to minimizing waste material going to our local landfills by diverting material to either be manufactured into compost at our own facility, or shipped to others facilities to be recycled into alternate materials. Learn More
As an island owned company, we are committed to investing into the communities across Vancouver Island where we do business. We believe that strong communities promote social and economic development for all people in our community to benefit. We are proud to be a significant sponsor of many community events across Vancouver Island. Learn More
We are growing and evolving in many communities across Vancouver Island. This creates opportunities for our employees to advance within our organization and to develop their own career, as well as creating opportunities for people to join our team. Learn More